Down to a science

We analyse your data with high
scientific rigour and precision

Our friendly approach is backed by the utmost professionalism, because

at Made of Genes we take the science we do very seriously.

Personalised medicine health

medicine (n.)

From the Latin medicīna, derived from medeor, which means ‘to heal‘, ‘to cure‘, ‘to mend‘. 

health (n.)

From the Latin salus, derived from the adjective salvus, which means ‘intact‘, ‘safe‘.

We are passionate about personalised medicine, the discipline that seeks to accurately diagnose and cure diseases through molecular testing, such as genetic studies or blood tests.

But what we like even more is employing these same techniques to help you improve and preserve your health. And we achieve that by creating healthy habits tailored to your needs, making sure your general health is always at its best so you never have to worry about diseases.


Systems biology

At Made of Genes we embrace the complexity that defines us as human beings. We dissent from reductionist approaches to your health and wellbeing, like those that only attribute your current or future state of health to your DNA test information.

That’s why we develop our models and algorithms based on systems biology — the computational and mathematical analysis and modelling of complex biological systems with a holistic perspective. And we do this in order to develop a personalised health plan with easy-to-follow guidelines on how to change your habits, so you can take better care of yourself.

Molecular studies

We know it might sound odd, but ‘molecular’ is the best way to define everything that happens on the subcellular level and that can’t be seen with the naked eye (not even with a microscope). We use that word because we don’t just use one specific biochemical technique or genetic analysis technology.

Our health studies combine multiple techniques and technologies, which are determined by each specific product. Their cost-efficiency and utility are optimised to help you take care of yourself by focusing on healthy lifestyle habits according to your specific needs.


Quality over quantity

All direct-to-consumer genetic tests claim that they are based on scientific studies. And it’s true. Most directly derive their results from public databases where we can find thousands of contradicting research studies with low reproducibility or a small sample size limitation.

Dozens of working hours stand behind each of our areas of study. Our experts critically search for, contrast and analyse the information we deliver, which is reevaluated periodically to ensure that it’s always up to date.

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