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Sequencing Jalis
de la Serna's
genome in Enviado Especial

La Sexta | 12 abril, 2018

Meet the co-founders of Made of Genes, Oscar Flores and Miquel Bru
ESADE Executive Education
17 junio, 2017
Is our DNA really ours or does it belong to the heritage of humanity?

TEDxBarcelona | 6 junio, 2016

This is the future: not only sequencing but also interpreting the genome

La 2 TVE | 2 noviembre, 2016


We want to spread the word about personalised healthcare and how it’s going to change your life. That’s why we’re thrilled when the media talk about what we do.

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Using biotechnology to create a business model around personalised health and genetics

El Español | 27 abril, 2021

It’s the greatest human revolution. And it's about to explode

Yahoo | Carmen Chaparro
26 octubre, 2015

A Netflix of the genome

Retina | 15 mayo, 2017

Health startup Made of Genes has been awarded by MIT Technology Review

La Vanguardia | 13 octubre, 2015

Does the DNA diet work? This is what I’ve learned after trying it

Womens Health | 16 abril, 2021

Genomics: A cutting-edge medical science that can improve everyone’s quality of life

Europapress | 14 noviembre, 2015

Affordable genome sequencing is widely available

Financial Times

The startup that provides an ‘instructions manual’ for each body

El Periódico |10 abril, 2021

There are no universal formulas that work equally for everyone

La Vanguardia | 7 enero, 2021

The goal of Made of Genes is to democratise genomics so that everyone can have access to the possibilities encoded in our genes

La Razón | 12 abril, 2018

Made of Genes wins IBM’s Startups Connect 2015

El Mundo | 18 noviembre, 2015

Made of Genes is decades ahead of what is likely to be the future of personalised medicine

Innovators Under 35

Countless possibilities in prevention, precision medicine or personalisation of services

El Mundo | 6 noviembre, 2015

A one-of-a-kind model in the market

Emprendedores | 11 septiembre, 2018

Low-cost genetics: decoding your genome to improve your life

El Confidencial | 12 enero, 2017

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