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Poscast RAC 1, chapter 12, They analize my DNA. Do they know everything about me?

RAC 1 | 11th July, 2022

From diet to genetic training: why shouldn't you train like your friends?

HOLA | 26th october, 2021

I did a genetic study and here is what I found out about my health

VOGUE | 10th august, 2021

Does the DNA diet work? This is what I’ve learned after trying it

Women’s health | 20th may, 2021

The startup that provides an ‘instructions manual’ for each body

El Periódico |10th april, 2021

Sequencing Jalis
de la Serna's
genome in Enviado Especial

La Sexta | 12th april, 2018

Is our DNA really ours or does it belong to the heritage of humanity?

TEDxBarcelona | 6th june, 2016

It’s the greatest human revolution. And it's about to explode

Yahoo | Carmen Chaparro
26th october, 2015

Made of Genes wins IBM’s Startups Connect 2015

El Mundo | 18th november, 2015

Genetic testing: a billion-dollar DNA business

ABC | 20th october, 2021

The trick to increasing your omega-3 intake without eating fish or taking supplements

Women’s Health | 1st august, 2021

Genetic diet: what is it and what are its benefits?

Okdiario | 18th may, 2021

Does the DNA diet work? This is what I’ve learned after trying it

Harper Bazaar | 17th may, 2021

There are no universal formulas that work equally for everyone

La Vanguardia | 7th january, 2021

Meet the co-founders of Made of Genes, Oscar Flores and Miquel Bru

ESADE Executive Education | 17th june, 2017

Health startup Made of Genes has been awarded by MIT Technology Review

La Vanguardia | 13th october, 2015

Bàsquet Girona and Made of Genes join forces to promote health care in the field of sport and sports nutrition in a personalized way.

19th november, 2021

Santalucía Impulsa launches the second Insurtech map of the insurance sector

ElReferente | 9th june, 2021

Why children's eye colour often doesn't match that of their parents

La Vanguardia | 30th april, 2021

A one-of-a-kind model in the market

Emprendedores | 11th september, 2018

Low-cost genetics: decoding your genome to improve your life

El Confidencial | 12th january, 2017

A Netflix of the genome

Retina | 15th may, 2017

Genomics: A cutting-edge medical science that can improve everyone’s quality of life

Europapress | 14th november, 2015

Affordable genome sequencing is widely available

Financial Times

"I've tried the genetic analysis that tells you how to take care of yourself and this has been my experience"

COSMOPOLITAN | 27th september, 2021

Body user manual

El Punt Avui | 24th may, 2021

Using biotechnology to create a business model around personalised health and genetics

El Español | 27th april, 2021

The goal of Made of Genes is to democratise genomics so that everyone can have access to the possibilities encoded in our genes

La Razón | 12th april, 2018

This is the future: not only sequencing but also interpreting the genome

La 2 TVE | 2nd november, 2016

Countless possibilities in prevention, precision medicine or personalisation of services

El Mundo | 6th november, 2015

Made of Genes is decades ahead of what is likely to be the future of personalised medicine

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