Personalized health solutions for the
insurance industry

Discover the new value proposition
to offer with your insurance

We offer customized solutions to your insurance products and services that allow a closer relationship with your customers in order to accompany them through a unique experience based on innovation, prevention and empowerment.


through innovative hyper-customization solutions to the real needs of your users, working as an activation trigger.


Average conversion rate in collectives


Increased success rate compared to campaigns with other services/products


Commercial agents value our services as a great tool for attraction and differentiation.


touch points with users based on personalized prevention content and recommendations, allowing for constant interaction with the user.


Users increase their interest in health services.


Increased interactions


users by offering solutions to their real needs, increasing their satisfaction and empowering them in their health management.


of participants want more


NPS of our services

Excellence for the insurance industry

Made of Genes is the only company dedicated to Personalized Health through molecular analysis that has managed to establish long-term agreements with +15 health insurers, occupational risk prevention companies and corporate benefit providers, proving the usefulness, safety and rigor of our studies.

Our operations and data security are endorsed by AENOR with the ISO 27001, 27017 and 27018 standards for security and personal data management. In addition, Made of Genes has been recognized as one of the most innovative companies in the world by the MIT Technology.

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