Wellbeing for corporates: benefits for companies and employees

Wellbeing programmes personalised to the needs of your company or professional group

Wellbeing programmes can help organizations reduce healthcare costs or absenteeism, while increasing employee satisfaction and productivity.

Comparison of average returns on internal investments for employees

wellbeing for corporates

Our corporate program helps you understand and prioritize the health and wellness needs of your employees in a unique way.

We offer:

- For employees

Comprehensive or focused Made of Genes molecular study in an impact study area

Health guide with actionable and personalized recommendations for each individual

Online session with a specialized Health Coach to guide you through the first steps

- For companies

Aggregate population study based on individual results for your group

Corporate health report identifying the real state and needs of your team

Corporate health plan and personalized wellbeing program for healthy companies

Excellence for the healthcare sector

Made of Genes is the only company dedicated to Personalized Health through molecular analysis that has managed to establish long-term agreements with +15 health insurers, occupational risk prevention companies and corporate benefit providers, proving the usefulness, safety and rigor of our studies.

Our operations and data security are endorsed by AENOR with the ISO 27001, 27017 and 27018 standards for security and personal data management. In addition, Made of Genes has been recognized as one of the most innovative companies in the world by the MIT Technology.

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