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DNA test + blood work

Made of Genes ONE

An innovative all-in-one molecular study to understand and prioritise your actual health needs with our health coaches’ guidance.

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Take perfect care of yourself

We break down every aspect of your health to give you a complete and in-depth report on how to take care of yourself prioritising specific actions.

Physical activity
and health

Fine-tune your workout and diet to improve your performance, prevent injuries and speed recovery.
• Type of training
• Rest and recovery
• Nutrition for sport and exercise
• Injury prevention
Mejorar rendimiento físico con estudio molecular

Ejercicio físico
y salud

Ajusta tu entrenamiento y alimentación para mejorar tu rendimiento, prevenir lesiones y recuperarte mejor.
• Tipo de entrenamiento
• Recuperación y descanso
• Nutrición para el deporte
• Prevención de lesiones
Mejorar condición física con estudio ADN
Cuidar mejor la piel con estudio molecular

Skin care

Learn how to look after the health of your skin to protect it from the elements and delay the signs of ageing.
• Skin structure
• Antioxidant capacity
• Glycation of proteins in the skin
• Retinol
Mejora la calidad de tu piel con un estudio nutricional

Cuidado de la piel

Aprende cómo cuidar la salud de tu piel para protegerla de los elementos externos y retrasar los signos del envejecimiento.
• Estructura de la piel
• Capacidad antioxidante
• Glicación de proteínas cutáneas
• Retinol

Bone health

Improve your bone health learning how much calcium you really need and what to do to promote its metabolism.
• Bone density and osteoporosis
• Vitamin D and calcium metabolism
• Calcium absorption and caffeine
Mejorar la salud ósea a partir de un estudio molecular

Salud ósea

Mejora tu salud ósea sabiendo cuánto calcio debes consumir y cómo cuidarte para favorecer su correcto metabolismo.
• Densidad ósea y osteoporosis
• Vitamina D y metabolismo del calcio
• Absorción del calcio y cafeína
Mejorar salud ósea con analítica de sangre
Mejora tu sistema inmunitario con nuestro estudio molecular

Immune system

Boost your immunity by knowing what micronutrients your body needs to keep your immune system healthy.
• Zinc and immunity
• Immune health optimisation and vitamin C
Mejora tu sistema inmunitario con estudio genético

Salud sistema inmunitario

Refuerza tus defensas conociendo qué micronutrientes necesita tu organismo para mantener en forma tu sistema inmune.
• Inmunidad y zinc
• Optimización de las defensas y vitamina C

Intolerances and hypersensitivities

Find out whether you can have adverse reactions to certain foods or components, such as gluten or lactose.
• Gluten hypersensitivity
• Lactose intolerance
Descubre tus intolerancias con un estudio molecular

Intolerancias e hipersensibilidades

Descubre si puedes tener reacciones adversas a determinados alimentos o componentes, como si eres intolerante al gluten o a la lactosa.
• Hipersensibilidad al gluten
• Intolerancia a la lactosa
Descubrir intolerancias con analítica de sangre
Mejora tu salud cardiovascular con nuestro estudio molecular ONE

Cardiovascular health

Master the factors that can prevent your circulatory system from functioning properly, such as if you’re sensitive to caffeine or have a vitamin B12 deficiency.
• Blood pressure
• Thrombus formation
• Vitamins B12, B6 and B9
• Caffeine sensitivity
Mejora tu salud cardiovascular con analítica de sangre

Salud cardiovascular

Examina los factores que pueden impedir el buen funcionamiento de tu sistema cardiovascular, como si eres sensible a la cafeína o si tienes deficiencia de vitamina B12.
• Presión arterial
• Formación de trombos
• Vitaminas B12, B6 y B9
• Sensibilidad a la cafeína

Emotional wellbeing

Understand your metabolic needs and your current state of health to protect yourself from stress and get better sleep.
• Caffeine sensitivity
• Chronobiology and metabolism
Estudio molecular para mejorar la salud emocional

Bienestar emocional

Comprende tus necesidades metabólicas y tu estado de salud para protegerte del estrés y descansar mejor
• Sensibilidad a la cafeína
• Cronobiología y metabolismo
Mejorar tu salud emocional con estudio molecular
Bajar de peso con estudio molecular ONE

Weight management

Improve your metabolic health by mastering the factors can alter your weight, such as your genetic predisposition to overeat or the calories your body burns at rest.
• Effectiveness of low-carb diet
• Effectiveness of low-fat diet
• Resting energy expenditure
• Exercise and weight loss
• Satiety and appetite
• Emotional hunger
• Antioxidant capacity
• Hepatic metabolism of toxins
Bajar de peso con estudio molecular ONE

Gestión del peso

Mejora tu salud metabólica dominando los factores que pueden alterar tu peso, como tu pre-disposición genética a comer de más o las calorías que gastas en estado de reposo.
• Efectividad dietas baja en carbohidratos
• Efectividad dietas baja en grasas
• Gasto energético en reposo
• Ejercicio y pérdida de peso
• Sensación de saciedad
• Hambre emocional
• Capacidad antioxidante
• Metabolismo hepático de tóxicos

Plus many other areas, such as omega-3 needs, oxidative stress
and antioxidant capacity, inflammation, sensitivity to sugar and saturated fats, and iron metabolism.

What you’ll receive

We provide you with an exhaustive personalised health plan with actionable advice and help you implement it in your daily life in an efficient, effortless way.

Que recibirás del estudio molecular ONE
Access to our app

Access to our app to take your guide with you wherever you go

1 of 3
Printed and digital guide

Printed and digital health guide
with all your results and personalised recommendations

2 of 3
Health coaching session

Health coaching session to go over your results and clarify all your questions and concerns

3 of 3
Que recibirás del estudio molecular ONE
Printed and digital guide

Printed and digital health guide
with all your results and personalised recommendations

1 of 3
Access to our app

Access to our app to take your guide with you wherever you go

2 of 3
Health coaching session

Health coaching session to go over your results and clear up any doubts

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Let our health experts
guide you

It includes a 30-minute online session with a health coach

Every Made of Genes study is developed and supervised by our multidisciplinary team of scientific experts and biomedical professionals — they will be by your side helping you prioritise your actions and achieve your goals.
Doctora Laura Isus, Biomedicina y experta en Biología de sistemas
Dr. Laura Isus

Doctor of Biomedicine, expert in Systems Biology

Doctor Miquel Ramià, Doctor en Genética, experto en Genética Poblacional
Dr. Miquel Ràmia

Doctor of Genetics, expert in Population Genetics

Diana Roldán, bioinformática y experta en Fisiología y Metabolismo
Diana Roldán

Bioinformatics, expert in Physiology and Metabolism

Ion Rezola, Nutricionista y Dietista, experto en Nutrigenetica y Nutrigenómica
Ion Rezola

Nutritionist and Dietitian, expert in Nutrigenetics and Nutrigenomics

How it works

We like to make things easier for you, so all you’ll have to do is go to
a collection centre of your choice and we’ll take care of the rest.




After your request, we’ll send you everything you need to attend your nearest collection centre so we can get your sample. You can choose from over 200 centres in Spain!




We’ll analyse the information of your DNA and your biochemical levels to determine its effect on your health in just 4 to 6 weeks.




Once your study is ready, you’ll receive a hard and digital copy of your health guide, and we’ll get in touch to schedule your health coaching session.




Track your health data and update your report with Made of Genes NOW. Your health coach will monitor your progress with a follow-up session.

Find your nearest centre

What sets us apart

No one else does what we do, how we do it

Como cambiamos la vida de
personas como tu

Real testimonials from
people like you

This study has changed the way I take care of myself with easy-to-follow advice and I feel immensely better.

Carmen Chaparro
Carmen Chaparro

Journalist, writer

The best part is that it combines genetics with a biochemical analysis to determine whether you should take action, control or maintain.

Pere Estupinyà
Pere Estupinyà

Science communicator, writer

Want to know more?

Genetic tests don’t include a biochemical analysis, so they do not study your state of health from a comprehensive point of view. Made of Genes ONE integrates both your genetic and blood test results to give you a complete view of your vital health. This allows us to pinpoint and prioritise the habits and actions you should change in order to take care of your health effectively.

Blood tests only reveal your biochemical values and whether or not they are within a reference range, but they don’t explain their meaning or how they might affect your general health. In addition, blood tests do not integrate your genetic information, so they fail to identify if any altered values may be due to certain genetic factors.

No, unfortunately that's not possible, but there's a good reason! Made of Genes ONE requires a blood sample, which must be taken by a medical practitioner at one of our collection centres. You have got more than 200 centres at your disposal. Find yours here.

Of course! Our all-in-one molecular study does include a 30-minute online meeting with one of our health coaches. Depending on your needs, they will go over your results and clarify what actions and healthy habits are going to enhance and improve your health. With this session we make sure all your questions are answered so that you can start taking action to improve your habits with confidence.

Absolutely. Made of Genes is the only company backed by AENOR with a triple certification (ISO 27001, 27017 and 27018), which guarantees our high-level security and privacy policies. Your data is yours and we’ll never sell it or disclose it, in compliance with our privacy policy.

Whereas your genetic information is always the same, your biochemical parameters will change over time, and so will your health needs. However, you don’t have to repeat Made of Genes ONE. With Made of Genes NOW (which analyses your dynamic information) you’ll be able to update your blood work results periodically and have a follow-up meeting with your health coach to track your progress.

If you have already got a Life, Vital, Nutrition, Sport or Well-aging study, you can switch over to Made of Genes ONE without a problem. However, some study areas will not be available until you’ve updated your blood test results with Made of Genes NOW.

If you have carried out any other type of health test, like Made of Genes Reactivate, this will probably not be possible, but get in touch with us at so that we can assist you with your particular case.

Better health, just a click away!

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