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Much more than a DNA test

Made of Genes BASE

This isn’t (just) a genetic test. It’s your gateway to molecular health, from the comfort of your home and with our expert health coaches by your side.

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Get powerful insights into
your health needs


Your unique DNA affects a wide range of processes in your body.
Discover your predispositions and learn how to get the best out of your genetics.

Descubrir intolerancias con analítica de sangre

Nutrigenetics and nutrigenomics

Your DNA influences multiple molecular processes, such as food intolerances or hypersensitivities, the vitamins and minerals your body needs, and the effect caffeine has on your body.

Weight management and cardiovascular health

Looking after your weight and keeping a healthy heart and cardiovascular system is key for good health. Find out how fats and sugars affect your body, what diet is best for you and
how to take control of your emotional eating.

Mejora tu salud cardiovascular con analítica de sangre
Mejorar rendimiento físico con estudio molecular

Physical activity and sport

There are many ways to exercise, but not all of them will benefit you the same. Tailored training and recovery advice allows you to reach your goals, prevent injuries and rest according to your chronobiology.

Healthy ageing

You can’t stop time. But what you can do is make its effects less noticeable with personalised skin care, strengthening your immune system, optimising your bone health,
and reducing oxidative stress.

Cuidar mejor la piel con estudio molecular

Important notice:

At Made of Genes we don't check your risk of developing diseases, as we believe it’s better to focus on improving your current health than worrying about future uncertainties.

Tu manual de
instrucciones personal

Nuestras Guías de Salud, en formato e-Book o a través de nuestra App, son el manual de instrucciones de tu bienestar. Conócete y aprende a mejorar tu salud desde el primer día.

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How it works

Your gateway into personalised healthcare, from the comfort of your home

KIT Made of Genes Base


Order your DNA test


Receive your at-home
saliva test kit


Do your test following
the instructions


Get your results
in just 4-6 weeks

Professional advice

It includes a 30-minute online session with one of our health coaches.


Every Made of Genes study is developed and supervised by our multidisciplinary team of scientific experts and biomedical professionals — they will be by your side helping you prioritise your actions and achieve your goals.
Doctora Laura Isus, Biomedicina y experta en Biología de sistemas
Dr. Laura Isus

Doctor of Biomedicine, expert in Systems Biology

Doctor Miquel Ramià, Doctor en Genética, experto en Genética Poblacional
Dr. Miquel Ràmia

Doctor of Genetics, expert in Population Genetics

Diana Roldán, bioinformática y experta en Fisiología y Metabolismo
Diana Roldán

Bioinformatics, expert in Physiology and Metabolism

Ion Rezola, Nutricionista y Dietista, experto en Nutrigenetica y Nutrigenómica
Ion Rezola

Nutritionist and Dietitian, expert in Nutrigenetics and Nutrigenomics

What sets us apart

Your DNA is just the beginning

Made of Genes BASE is a genetic test based on a saliva sample that you can take from the comfort of your home but that may not reflect your current state of health. That’s why we give you the option of combining this information
with a blood test.


Estudio molecular ONE

Made of Genes ONE integrates DNA testing with a blood test in an all-inclusive study to get an accurate and full picture of your health.

Analítica de sabre NOW, Made of Genes

You can also get started with your genetic study today and update
your results later on with
Made of Genes NOW, our periodic blood testing service.

Como cambiamos la vida de
personas como tu

Real testimonials
people like you

This study has changed the way I take care of myself with easy-to-follow advice and I feel immensely better.

Carmen Chaparro
Carmen Chaparro

Journalist, writer

The best part is that it combines genetics with a biochemical analysis to determine whether you should take action, control or maintain.

Pere Estupinyà
Pere Estupinyà

Science communicator, writer

Want to know more?

Genetic tests are usually either diagnostic or preventive. In both cases, what they examine is if you are or could be susceptible to any genetic disease. However, at Made of Genes we don’t look into your risk of diseases, but rather we analyse the effect different genes have on all areas of health that are relevant to your health and wellbeing. This allows us to provide actionable recommendations and valuable insights on how to improve your habits to take better care.

En Made of Genes no estudiamos riesgos de enfermedades, sino que analizamos el efecto que tienen diferentes genes en todas las áreas de salud relevantes para tu salud y bienestar. Esto nos permite ofrecerte recomendaciones accionables sobre cómo mejorar tus hábitos y así cuidarte de la mejor forma

Yes, you can! Once you buy Made of Genes BASE, your DNA kit will be sent to your home so that you can take a saliva sample and then send it back to our lab.

Of course! This genetic health study includes a 30-minute online meeting with a professional who will help you better understand your personalised health plan results. This one-to-one interview is key for you to successfully change your habits and understand how to improve your health without any questions left unanswered.

Absolutely. Made of Genes is the only company in the healthcare sector to get certified by AENOR with three ISO standards (27001, 27017 and 27018), which guarantees our high-level security and privacy policies. Your data is yours and we’ll never sell it or disclose it, as stated in our privacy policy.

Your genetics never change, so the information we provide in your Made of Genes BASE health study will always be valid, even if new discoveries are made or we broaden our reports. That said, DNA testing can only offer you a static perspective on your vital health.

Para tener una visión integral de tu estado de salud, te recomendamos complementar tu informe genético con un análisis de sangre a través del chequeo de salud Made of Genes NOW.

Indeed! If you’ve already done our Made of Genes BASE study, purchasing Made of Genes NOW gets you the same end result that you would obtain from Made of Genes ONE.

Unfortunately not. Most tests on the market use commercial microarrays that cover publicly available information. At Made of Genes we use our own designs with genetic markers that have been curated by our team of professionals and are not included in other services.

We believe that quality is worth much more than quantity.

There are public databases where you can find information on millions of variants, although this doesn’t mean the research is conclusive about how useful they are for your general health. The easiest thing to do is to just cross-reference this data with a commercial DNA chip and hand out the resulting report without any criteria, basically exposing you to uncertain information about diseases that you will most likely never have.

Our approach is radically different. The areas of health that we analyse at Made of Genes are manually curated by our multidisciplinary team of experts based on original scientific publications. They make sure to critically evaluate whether the study meets the minimum standards of quality, significance and reproducibility.

In addition, we don’t look at individual markers, but rather we work with a systems biology approach where different genetic and biochemical markers can interact in a non-deterministic way. For all this, we feel proud to be able to say with certainty that the information we provide is completely actionable and verified.

Better health, just a click away!

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