Everything starts with you

With your DNA, the source of who you are.
From a saliva sample, we sequence your genome and allow you to make use of it.


The human genome covers a message up to 3.200 million ATGC letters. Their order defines us as humans.


To ensure precise reading, the genome must be read 30 times, generating 600Gb of data.


Only you decide who has access, to which parts and why. Always protected, with total security and transparency.

Services in one click

We offer you a service catalog based on your genome.
Health, prevention, wellness... enter a new dimension of personalization.

Now and forever

Get your genome once and use it as much as you want. Keep it available wherever you are, whenever you want, free for life.

Direct access to knowledge

Here we offer you an ever growing catalog of products and services based on your genetic information to improve your health and wellness.

Always supervised

Since the genome is serious and complex stuff, you shouldn't try to understand it alone.
The best professionals will guide you in the interpretation of your genomic information.

A new medicine

Your genome opens the door to a new paradigm of medicine. It allows treatment personalization, more precise diagnosis, risk and disease prevention or improved wellness.

Guided by the best

Physicians, pioneers in P4 medicine, guide you while interpreting your genomic information and help you put it in context with your clinical and family history, counseling you in each step.