Estudio serológico REACTIVAYE

COVID-19 antibody test + DNA + blood test

Made of Genes REACTIVATE

Learn about the state of your immune system, know your impact profile and understand how to reduce risk factors related to COVID-19 with our innovative COVID-19 focused molecular study.

Assess your immunity and
protect your health against COVID-19

Made of Genes REACTIVATE takes serological tests to the next level. We analyse the most relevant health factors and provide personalised advice to help you take action and improve your health in the context of this pandemic.

This study combines antibody testing for IgG (immunity antibodies) with DNA testing and a blood test of validated factors related to the disease, lockdown and home-working.

Análisis test covid serológico
vitamin C and D
B-group vitamins
vascular tone and hypertension
emotional eating
caffeine sensitivity
basal metabolic rate – BMR
satiety regulation
ligament and tendon injuries

Made of Genes REACTIVATE is
much more than a regular antibody test

Presence of antibodies
against SARS-CoV-2

Track your antibody levels after being vaccinated or contracting the virus (symptomatic or asymptomatic).

Natural protection
against coronavirus

Check your ABO blood type and genetic variants recently associated with the severity of the disease.

Evaluation of your
innate immune system

Assess your body’s natural defences knowing your level of white blood cells and the efficiency of your toll-like receptor (TLR) genes.

Reactivate your health for life


Each section of the health guide includes a full breakdown of your results and personalised advice. All recommendations are based on your genetic analysis and/or your blood test results, which provide valuable information on your current state of health and how to improve it.


Get clear and precise information on how your body works and what it needs to stay healthy now and long into the future.


Start taking care of your health and wellbeing today! We’re here to help, providing you with actionable recommendations that you can implement in your daily life in the short, medium and long term. Besides, we give you the best tips to keep your immune system in optimal condition. You’ll be all set!


What you’ll receive

Diagnostic results

ready in 48h

1 of 3
Personalised digital guide

with a full breakdown of your results and recommendations.

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Access to our app

to take your guide with you wherever you go

3 of 3
Diagnostic results

ready in 48h

1 of 3
Personalised digital guide

with a full breakdown of your results and recommendations

2 of 3
Access to our app

to take your guide with you wherever you go

3 of 3

How it works

We want to make things easy for you, which is why all you’ve got to do is go to a collection centre of your choice.




Attend your nearest collection centre so we can take your sample. You have more than 200 centres to choose from!




We’ll analyse and integrate the information of your DNA and your biochemical markers within 2 weeks.




Once your study is ready, you’ll receive a digital copy of your personalised health study. Start taking care of yourself prioritising your actions.




Take your health plan to the next level and optimise your health with Made of Genes ONE, our most innovative molecular study.

We’re already
changing people’s lives

Want to know more?

Made of Genes REACTIVATE is a molecular test based on a blood work that provides information about your levels of antibodies specific to the virus, evaluates genetic factors related to severe coronavirus symptoms, and gives you personalised recommendations to improve your health in times of COVID-19.

No, but only because this isn't a diagnostic test for the presence of the virus (PCR). This health study includes a serological test (specific IgG antibodies) that indicates if your body has developed antibodies against the virus, either because you've had the disease or because you've been vaccinated.

Of course! No vaccine is 100% effective, so there is a possibility that, even after getting a vaccine, your antibody levels are low and you can become infected. Besides, Made of Genes REACTIVATE provides key insights and recommendations that also take into account the current social and health-related impact of the pandemic (reduction in mobility, working from home, very little sun exposure, etc).

Although both studies are based on the combined analysis of genetics and a blood test, Made of Genes REACTIVATE only studies the markers that focus on a few biological processes, which are highly relevant for COVID-19. If you’d like to get a full and comprehensive view of your state of health and find out what you can do to improve it, we recommend getting Made of Genes ONE.

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