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Made of Genes test
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Your wallet won’t even notice, but your overall health will


At Made of Genes we have set out to democratise personalised health. We want everyone to be able to get our molecular tests, so we not only offer you the best prices — we also give you the option to easily finance your purchase. Want to know how it works? Keep reading!


Buy now and pay later. With Aplazame you can request up to 2,500€ to buy our blood test and genetic analysis online, with a maximum of 1,500€ per purchase. Pay in the way that best suits you over a term of up to 36 months. Just like that. No catch.

1. No account needed
It’s as simple as this: select Aplazame as your payment method at checkout and then add your phone number, and your card and ID information. You’ll get an answer right away.

2. You decide
It’s fast, easy and flexible. Select how many months you’d like to pay off your loan in, as well as the payment due date for each month, to see the corresponding interest. Your credit will be confirmed in no time.

3. The safest way
Pay conveniently over time. Add as many payment cards as you need with absolute peace of mind. Your data is always safe.

4. No hidden fees
We don’t do small print. You won’t pay a penny more than the amount specified at checkout.

Financing conditions

*Once you have requested the loan, you’ll need to make a first down payment. Your loan amount will be the final price at checkout minus that down payment, and it will be financed in the number of instalments you choose. Check the interest conditions at the time of purchase.  

*Your instalment payments will be made with the card you provide to Aplazame.

*Aplazame will send you an SMS at no cost for you.

*Loan approval is subject to compliance with the conditions established by Aplazame.

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